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FACE atelier Cosmetics Review

Thu, 05/06/2010 - 9:30AM by PicturesqueMU 0 Comments -

I first came across FACE atelier at IMATS 2009 in Toronto last year.  I had previously heard great things of the professional cosmetic brand, however I had never tried anything.  I tested out some of their products at the trade show and I really liked their products.  I didn't end up buying anything because I had my heart set on a foundation palette, but their liquid foundations were phenomenal and I wish my wallet would have been able to fit both.

FACE atelier is a Canadian professional cosmetics brand known for their simple, yet effective, cosmetics in the professional film and print industry.  They also believe in minimizing additives like fragrances, flavors as well as a dedication to NOT testing on animals (and not even buying ingredients which have been tested on animals!).  You can learn all about FACE atelier cosmetics here.

I was sent a few samples from the company to test out and review.  First off, I really like the fact that FACE atelier doesn't have an obscene amount of products.  They focus on quality, not quantity- very respectable.


One of the perks of FACE atelier is that their eyeshadows are somewhat like the MAC Pro Pan methodology... they eyeshadows come in individual pans so you can customize your own palettes- something every makeup artist loves to do.  On one hand, they are the same size as a MAC eyeshadow and fit perfectly into a MAC palette, but on the other hand, the pans do not have a magnet (the palettes are magnetic instead).  So if you want to put them into a MAC palette, you'll have to add a piece of adhesive magnetic backing.

Their shade range covers all bases, however it isn't nearly as comprehensive as MAC displays.  There are collections such as the fundamentals (neutrals), gold rush (metallics), graphite (smokey shades), scenic tour (blues and greens), pinks, plums, and purples.

The eyeshadows vary with texture, such as matte, satin and frosted shades, similar to MAC.  The eyeshadows feel very smooth and silky- but the matte shade I tried is a little chalky when applied heavily (but so is pretty much every Matte eyeshadow).

One thing that I really like about these shadows is their ability to blend.  Their smooth, silky texture allows for easy blending on the eyelid.  Depending on what eye primer you use- this may change.  However on their own you would probably get a standard 4-5 hour wear.

Price and Availability
Each eyeshadow retails for $17 CDN, which is a decent price for a high quality eyeshadow (about the price of a MAC potted eyeshadow).  Unfortunately, they do not come in pots- only pans, which is a down side if you only want one or two eyeshadows.  They are aiming at a more professional market, so that is most likely why.  FACE atelier cosmetics can be purchased from their website or a number of spas, boutiques and stores found here.  They also offer a professional membership to makeup artists, which is always a bonus when working in the field.

Lip Glaze

My favorite product that I tried out were the lip glazes.  I received mine in little sample jars, however they do come in tubes when purchased.
The bittersweet news about these glosses is that they are really awesome- silky, creamy and well pigmented, however they are only 10 shades to choose from here.  Again, it is a trade off between simplicity and quality versus a complex array of every shade of the rainbow.  
Some have shimmer and others do not, however it is a very fine shimmer- not glittery at all.  Simple and wearable.  All of them felt very goopy (sounds like an awful description, I'm not saying it is a bad thing at all) but they aren't sticky at all.  They really make your lips feel nice and silky, but I think I would need a lip brush to apply the darker colors for sure.
There is always a trade-off in lip glosses between a sticky yet long lasting gloss and a silky one that wears off quickly.  I think that if they were a bit stickier they would be long-wearing- however I do like the silkiness of the product.  Also, because of the professional market, lip products need to look the best, not last the longest.  One thing that was a bit of a turn-off was the smell- since FACE atelier does not add fragrances, which I do appreciate, the glosses do not have an attractive smell (yet they don't smell bad at all- just 'plain').
Price and Availability
Each lipgloss is $24 CDN and can be purchased from the same locations as mentioned above.  I think this is quite steep for a lipgloss, but because of their pigmentation and high quality feel, it is worth it.  
Transforming Gel
The transforming gel is basically a mixing medium- however it is quite different from other ones that I have used.  Mine also came in a sample jar however it traditionally comes in a squeeze bottle.
Most mixing mediums I have tried are quite thin and watery, this one is a semi-thick gel.  Mixing mediums can be used to transform any powder product into a liquid-gel type consistency.  It is all about changing textures.  When used with mineralized products or pigments, it completely transforms the look and I think this product does the best job I've ever seen.  It is oil-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and can be used anywhere on the face.
You can use water, MAC Fix+ or any other moisturizing spray or other 'mixing mediums' on the market to do the same job, but this product is quite phenomenal.  Not only can it be used as a mixing medium, but it has a nice, cooling effect on the skin.  It can be used as an anti-puffing eye gel, especially if kept in the fridge.  My eyes aren't that puffy so I cannot attest to that- however you can see in the picture below how it does a phenomenal job of turning a dry pigment into an opaque, metallic paint.
Price and Availability
The transforming gel retails for $26 CDN and can be purchased from the same locations as mentioned above.  If you don't do much work with mixing mediums, you can skip on this product.  However, if you like bold colors and playing around with textures- I think this is a fantastic product to check out.
<div style="margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 0px;">There are many other products from FACE atelier, and I definitely want to try some more!  I love supporting my fellow Canadian companies and don't be afraid to add some professional items to your makeup bag (there is a reason they use them in film and print!)

Disclaimer: These products were sent from the company for review purposes. I am not being compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.


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